Linkage & Suspension

Linkage & Suspension business covers ball joints, important security parts requiring high reliability, which are used in the joint between the tire and the vehicle. The ball joint works as a joint while steering or tire movement according to dents and bumps on the road and contributes to smooth steering and comfort driving.
We are providing compact and light weight ball joints to our customers with an optimal shape and size for each vehicle. To achieve this, designing process by highly-accurate simulation technology and the integrated inner process through design to evaluation are established. By which, we are contributing to a better driving comfort and fuel efficiency. Compact, lightweight, and low-cost ball joints can be manufactured and provided globally with a highly-efficient production system based on the size series.

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Power Train

Power Train Business develops and manufactures camshafts which control the timing of opening and closing intake/exhaust valves of an engine; transmission gears and planetary assembly which convert and transmit engine revolutions to optimal driving revolutions; and differential assembly which receive engine torque on the input shaft and allocate it to 2 output shafts (on right/ left wheels) with an applicable difference in revolutions.
The MS Diff with self-developed bevel gears achieves 10% or lighter than the conventional, and contribute for less vehicle weight and better fuel economy. By building a mass production system and expanding the MS Diff Series covering torque bands from compact to large vehicles, we provide customers globally with compact, lightweight, low-cost diff assembly for each vehicle.

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Parts for ATVs

In Musashi, we offer a wide range of products not only for 4 Wheelers and 2 Wheelers but also for general-purpose assembly camshafts and final gear assembly for ATV.